I'm Molly Fakoury - Personal Stylist, Missouri native, & explorer by nature. I believe in living a life of experiencing everything possible - by following our curiosity + wonder. 

Growing up in Missouri, my personal style was how I expressed myself in a place where I wore a uniform 5 days/week and where normal was cool. I was constantly working to understand who I was by trying different styles, putting together new outfits, and even making my own clothes. My style was my art form, an outlet to feel free, & could express my truest self.  

That's how I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in fashion in New York. I wanted to surround myself with people who valued style's creative expression in the same way I did. But a year into fulfilling my dream, I quickly learned that the industry often valued profit over personality and trends over creativity. Five years later, I was tired of the rules, the 'cool factor,' and fashion for anything else than how I see it - a fun self discovery tool ...



The stress of NY living and a long-term battle with anxiety led me to live a holistic lifestyle, incorporating yoga + mindfulness into my every day. I began to notice a difference not just in my life, but specifically in my wardrobe. When I was aware of what came up around my clothes - the stories I told myself about who I was in an outfit or how I really felt in a specific pair of jeans - I began to dress differently. I began to dress like me. 




Blending style as self expression & mindfulness as a self awareness tool, I designed a process for women to learn what I'd found for myself ...

that there is a whole new level of GOOD I had never felt before in my own clothes. 

And that this feeling was my authentic self speaking through my authentic style.

I believe we all deserve to feel this level of good.

And this goes so far beyond our closets ...