"WOW is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what Molly did for me. Working with her was not only fun (which is shocking coming from someone who HATES shopping and gets anxiety when thinking about picking out outfits) but very eye opening. Molly is great at really allowing you to find your own style without any judgement or putting her own personal thoughts on you. She is great at helping to guide you to define who you are and who you want to be. She was so gentle working with me, allowing myself to let go of the person I was years ago...something I really didn't even realize I needed! I had so many pieces in my closet that I kept because I used to love them...yet I never found myself reaching for them anymore because they no longer served my lifestyle. She was wonderful at not only helping me hone my style and curating my closet down to just the pieces I loved and wanted but she also gave me creative tips on how to style pieces differently and mentioned items I may want to consider adding to make my closet a tad more complete. I also love that Molly "gave me permission" to have a uniform. For years I felt like I had a uniform but was shy to admit it to others for fear of social suicide. Molly encouraged me to own it and really opened my eyes to think of clothes in a different way. I can't say enough about Molly and her process. She isn't just a stylist. She is someone who really helps empower you to be who you truly are and to feel confident to express yourself through your clothes. When Molly left my house on our last session I felt a little sad...Molly had become someone who wasn't just my stylist. She had become someone who helped me realize the woman I am today. She helped me feel the most confident I've ever felt about myself and my clothes. She helped shine a light on the woman inside of me that had been hiding behind clothes that were drowning out my light. She helped me find myself and for that I will be forever grateful. Do yourself a favor and invite Molly into your life. I promise you won't regret it!"  Michelle - 37, Wellness Coach [full style alignment]

“I absolutely loved and enjoyed each and every step of my process with Molly. Even though I am thousands of miles away from her and we had to do an online consultation, the experience couldn’t have been more personal. She understood my essence, my soul, insecurities and convictions. Things I mentioned on our first conversation, were so important and relevant to her that she remembered and brought them up at the wrap up. She only means how much she cares and listens. I couldn’t be happier and one thing I loved is that I ended with a much smaller wardrobe which will now give me more space for clarity and creativity and going through all my stuff I fell back in love with many things I already owned and that had been hanging without much life.” Sarina - 35, Marketing & Sales Associate [Step into your Style Truth]

"Working with Molly encompasses so much more than clothes, shopping and styling. Although those were all huge components, I really loved and felt working together helped me grow more than I could ever imagine in a few weeks.  Throughout the process I reflected on myself and how my style reflects who I really am. I have made more intentional outfits that reflect me and my personal style and help me shine and feel my best no matter the occasion. I'm walking away with a renewed sense of style and confidence and sense of my true authentic style and I can't thank Molly or recommend her more highly!!" Ally - 35, Financial Trader [full style alignment]

“One thing I dread more than a root canal is looking at photos of myself. But as an entrepreneur who is building her business....tough noogies, am I right? The part I dislike even more than those dreaded photos is thinking about what I am going to wear when those photos are taken! I begin planning, anxiety stricken about what the heck will look good on me. What will hide my arms, since I don't like them (I am working on this one people, ok?!). What will make me look taller, skinnier, like I have more freckles (I know, thats a thing, right?), more blonde, bushier eyebrows, bigger, better whatever, you name it! My first thought is always, "go out and buy something new, treat yo self!". I proceed to buy something I THINK will look good on camera, and is not totally authentic to me, which leaves me feeling uncomfortable and in turn deflates my confidence. If you know anything about starting a business, having confidence when you don't feel like you have any is a big part of the job. So fastforward to my first meeting with Molly. Of course I was dreading it, because I mostly only ever want to wear sweatpants, but when I tell you, I hopped on FaceTime at 6:30pm, blinked and it was over. That first hour I spent with Molly was, dare I say it, FUN! And this is why. She let me be me. She asked me who I was and then planned my shoot and wardrobe around THAT instead of the other way around. She wanted to know what I FELT good in versus what I thought I looked good in. But the #1 take away from Molly was that if I FEEL good in what I am wearing, it will translate to how I look to myself and everyone who is around me. If I feel confident and happy and comfortable, this is the energy I will be putting out into the universe and that is what will come back to me tenfold. Molly is something special and can bring real change to your life, business and everything in between. We had a great connection right off the bat, which is no surprise at all because she is an absolute joy! It was an incredible pleasure to work with her for the first time and it will definitely not be the last.” Amanda Kathleen, 32 - Real Estate Entrepreneur [Self Love Shoot] 

"Molly is so talented and kind. She approaches styling sessions with a sense of purpose and empowerment rather than just as a fashion statement. During our session she actually took the time to talk about every piece in my closet and helped me understand how it makes me feel, how and when I use it, etc. This was very useful in identifying my own style and setting goals for the future! I'm so happy I got to work with you on this aspect of my life which I had never really explored before, Thanks Molly!!" - Diana - 33, Photographer [Closet Clarity]

“I went into my session with Molly mostly excited to create a more organized space and get rid of clothes I don't wear, I was barely even thinking about the "styling" aspect. But after my session with Molly, I was so excited because I finally felt like I had a real grasp on my style. Molly started the session by asking me meaningful questions about my career and personal goals, and truly took my answers to heart when helping me figure out my style. She helped me vamp up my wardrobe with challenges to try different pieces together that I would't usually try, and gave me tons of new ways to wear certain pieces. Even though I got rid of five huge bags of clothes, I feel as if I gained a full new wardrobe thanks to Molly's styling sensibility! I've never been one to love to shop, but after my session with Molly I feel like I can shop more confidently and intentionally. I'm so excited to play around with my style and cannot say enough great thinks about my session with Molly. She has a true talent for connecting with her clients and really learning about them so she can give you a truly authentic styling session. Cannot wait to work with Molly again!” Jojo - 28, Screenwriter [Closet Clarity] 

“Molly's process is truly transformative - I can't find the right words to explain how great she is! Molly has taken her years of experience working in fashion and made "style" feel accessible and actually FUN - the process she's created helps you redevelop your relationship with clothes/shopping and how to express yourself through your own style.

This is not just a "closet cleanout" - she won't force you to toss something or buy anything; it's so much more than that! She's clearly put a lot of thought into each step and caters her approach to each client's needs.  I've been working with Molly for years and am so much better for it - I'm always amazed and in such awe of her own sense of style and ability to help others find what makes them feel best. She's truly a natural and her guidance is warm and encouraging. Through working with Molly I've learned it's not at all about following dos/donts or trends but rather wearing things that make me feel great. Her approach has changed how I shop, dress and feel about my wardrobe - for the better. Do yourself a favor and work with Molly - she is kind, supportive and has an incredible eye - you will not regret it!” - Kathleen - 28, Executive Head Hunter [Full Style Alignment]