Single Session

Single Session


My original offering .. a little part closet clarity, a little part stepping into your style Truth, a little part owning it ALL .. and full parts - launching you on the path towards unfolding your authentic style.

One single session, combining all aspects of my process into ~ 3/4 hours together. We’ll get clear on where you’re at + where you’re going, understand the ways in which your closet might be keeping you small (and why), and identify ways to step more into your Truth through the clothes you put on every day.

What to expect ::

+ making space in your closet for clarity to come through

+ personalized tools (anything from a meditation to journaling prompts to ways to challenge your style beliefs on a daily basis) to connect to your style and Self

+ getting to the why of your closet, your current style, and creating a game plan to take steps from where you are to where you want to go

+ helping you to implement the tools to gain clarity around what is you actually want in your closet and your life

+ looking at how you can use your current closet to move through blocks and step more into your Truth by trying pieces together in new ways

+ identifying closet gaps to allow for a more whole wardrobe and a follow-up of a personalized shopping list of 1-3 intentional items picked out by me for you to begin building an aligned closet

This is a one time offering. I no longer offer sessions combining multiple parts of my process into one, so this is a rare opportunity to gain the tools needed to own this path for your Self and your style going forward.

one opening available :: Friday, August 16th @2:30pm

*only available for NYC-based clients*

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